Step 1

To make a complaint please contact us:
Telephone: 02032870290

•Your complaint will be passed to your account manager.
•Your account manager will immediately send you a standard complaint letter and/or e-mail detailing the complaints process.
•Your account manager will be in touch within 3 working days of you making the complaint and will aim to resolve your complaint within 7 working days.
•All of the details of your complaint will be recorded for future reference.
•As part of resolving your complaint, we’ll give you an explanation of what went wrong, fix the problem and offer an apology.

Step 2

•If your account manager is unable to resolve the complaint within the 7 working day window, or if you are unhappy with the progress we’re making in resolving your complaint then your complaint will be escalated to senior manager. He will discuss everything with your account manager to get an overview of the complaint and will then give you a call to discuss to try and reach a resolution.

Step 3

Ombudsman Services
If at any time you feel that Pro-Eco haven’t handled your complaint as you expected, or it has been unresolved for more than 8 weeks please feel free to contact the energy ombudsman. Their service is impartial and free for all clients to use. They can be contacted on 0330 440 1624 or at Post: Ombudsman Services: Energy, P.O. Box 966, Warrington, WA4 9DF. Email: